Faces of the Lowcountry is an annual sponsored publication that introduces the “faces” of local business owners, civic leaders and experts.

With the profiles included in these pages, we bring you the stories of Bluffton’s and Hilton Head Island’s leading entrepreneurs. Every business owner is a local leader and the face of their respective industry. Many have chosen to include their entire staff in their portrait photos, and some even included pets. Running a successful business takes courage, hard work and a commitment to making a difference. These leaders go the extra mile to keep the Lowcountry thriving.

My husband, Marc, and I first got to know the Lowcountry in 1987 when we vacationed here on our honeymoon, fell in love with the area and bought a second home. We made Hilton Head Island our permanent home in 1991 and raised our two sons, Marco and Fabio, on the island. I love being part of the Lowcountry community and watching it grow and prosper. At Frey Media, we’re proud to bring you faces of those who serve our community through their hard work. As our local business community grows and diversifies, Lowcountry residents are increasingly able to find everything they need right here at home. We are proud to be part of the effort to “Keep it local, y’all.”

Special thanks to our sales team, writers, photographers and graphic designers for making this publication a success. If you missed being included this year, don’t worry — Faces of the Lowcountry will be back in 2020.

Anuska Frey – publisher